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I saw this quote by Don Williams Jr a USA Poet and it inspired me to create this image. I’m an old hippy.

From a quote By Don Williams Jr - USA poet

From a quote By Don Williams Jr – USA poet

This was created along the same lines as The Lion Tamer and the Last Post. I like playing around with naive styles. A bit of fun really. There are lots of goodies from this image at


His Daily Bread

Some while ago I designed a series of bottle labels for the Norwegian market. They were for a dairy drink product Goy, and the flavour of each bottle formed the background to the illustration. The 3d bottles here were recreated by John Hind at Holden and Sons from artwork supplied. Takk til dere!goybottles goy1

Most of my work is simple character based, sometimes it isn’t. This was a corker, for Hamleys Toy Shop summer campaign. It was for a tray liner.beach3 beachCO1 beachCO2

Some time ago I produced a limited edition series of Artbooks showing various pieces that I’ve done for clients, and non commissioned work of my own. It was really nice to see a collection in print instead of on various websites and online art sites. They went down really well and I hope to add more to the collection. The birds on the cover of Artbook 1 have been popular. One of them has flown onto this website.

artbooks artbooks artbooks

I don’t jog, but Blog does.blog2

I released a series of limited edition prints last year ( you can find them on my store and I was lucky to have a feature in Computer Arts, probably the best magazine on  Design, Illustration, Marketing, Advertising etc. It certainly helped to get the work off the ground.

CAcover CApage series

As this is the first blog on this site I thought that I would catch up with a few things and start by explaining what I will be putting on this place of blogness.

It’s not going to be an everyday thing, but I hope to put things on the blog that may be of interest and describe some of the ideas that I come up with, it may be new ideas from Saturday Morning Art or some new work that I’m currently working on ( subject to client agreement).

I will also be continuing the Adventures of Blog first introduced on the Illustrators Direct site last year.

blog1 So, thanks for dropping in and Welcome to Blog!

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